A downloadable tale for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Reunite the ghosts with their musical memories and they'll tell their stories. 

A little walking-and-talking sim for #summerslowjams. 

WASD + mouse to move

Shift to run

Left mouse button to interact with people/objects and advance text.

The Mac build is untested but provided in case anyone wants to try it. 


The stems file contains the individual instrument stems from the in-game song, as heard briefly in-game when each ghost tells their story. If anyone wants to load them into a DAW and mess around, here they are. 

Be warned, some of them are placeholders made with tracker samples that never got replaced (no time!). The recorded ones are pretty rough too (also no time!). The individual stems sound pretty ropey but it sounds OK once they're all together.

The stems are licensed with CC Attribution (CC BY 4.0)


MemoriesForGhosts_win.zip 79 MB
MemoriesForGhosts_linux.tar.bz2 81 MB
MemoriesForGhosts_mac.app.zip 79 MB
MemoriesForGhosts_music_stems.zip 69 MB