A downloadable pun gone a bit too far for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A daft thing made in a few hours while waiting for No Man's Sky to unlock. Later cleaned up, given randomized music and submitted to the 2016 One Button Jam.

- Generate a unique surreal alien landscape - one of the potentially MILLIONS that are in the game - informed by imagery and quotations of the famed MIT linguist Noam Chomsky. Don't like it? Press the button and generate another one!

- Press the button quickly to create a new landscape, or hold it down to quit (or you can use Alt+F4).

- Procedurally generated soundtrack

- No multiplayer. Worth clearing that one up in advance, eh?

- Entertain yourself indefinitely, or until the various elements begin to repeat. Seconds of fun!

UPDATE v1.0: New hidden HAWKING SIMULATOR mode!

Use Space or Enter as the button.

The cross-platform download requires the Love2D engine to be installed. You can grab it (it's small and free!) from here.



NoamMansSky-win64.zip (12 MB)
NoamMansSky-win32.zip (11 MB)
NoamMansSky-love.zip (requires Love2D engine) (9 MB)

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