A daft thing made in a few hours while waiting for No Man's Sky to unlock. Later cleaned up, given randomized music and submitted to the 2016 One Button Jam.

(The downloadable versions have nicer procgen music - the conversion to HTML5 did weird things to the lead lines so we had to cut them out for the web version above).

- Generate a unique surreal alien landscape - one of the potentially MILLIONS that are in the game - informed by imagery and quotations of the famed MIT linguist Noam Chomsky. Don't like it? Press the button and generate another one!

- Press the button quickly to create a new landscape, or hold it down to quit (or you can use Alt+F4).

- Procedurally generated soundtrack

- No multiplayer. Worth clearing that one up in advance, eh?

- Entertain yourself indefinitely, or until the various elements begin to repeat. Seconds of fun!

UPDATE v1.0: New hidden HAWKING SIMULATOR mode!

You can use either the left mouse button or the space bar as 'the button'. Press it to generate a new landscape or hold it down to toggle the music on or off. Press Escape to quit the downloadable versions.

The cross-platform download requires the Love2D engine to be installed. You can grab it (it's small and free!) from here.



NoamMansSky-win32.zip 11 MB
NoamMansSky-win64.zip 12 MB
NoamMansSky.love (requires Love2D runtime) 9 MB

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