A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There's shenanigans going on at the Shady Berth Motor Inn - and as receptionist it's up to YOU to sort it all out!

IMPOSTERS are posing as guests and and using your hotel rooms as havens for their despicable doings. And they must be stopped.

Watch everyone through the security monitors and send your guards out when you see something suspicous. But don't forget to check in the real guests, or you'll be out of a job.

Still a rough prototype, still being worked on!


No tutorial in the game yet, so here's what to do (WASD/mouse to move, left button to interact, right button to zoom in on stuff):

  • You're the receptionist at a hotel, and you need to check the guests in while identifying IMPOSTER guests.
  • The GUEST REGISTER has the list of real guests. If someone tries to check in and they're not on the register, they're an imposter and you should press one of the red buttons (any one will do) to call a security guard to escort them out.
  • Even if the guest is on the register, they may still be an imposter! Watch the security monitors to see where they go. If they go to the correct room as shown on the guest register,  they're a real guest and you don't have to worry. If they wander off to a different room they're an imposter.
  • If you see an imposter heading to the wrong room, call security on the big red telephone and they can send a guard out to catch them. You'll have to tell security which block of rooms to send the guard to - use the map on the wall to get an idea of the hotel layout (there's five blocks, A, B, C, D and E with eight rooms each).
  • If an imposter makes it to a room they'll stay there for two minutes before making their escape - you need to get a security guard to them before then.
  • While you're doing all this, don't forget to keep checking in new guests as they arrive! If you leave them at the counter for too long they'll get impatient and go to another hotel (bad for business!).
  • The game ends when all the guests are checked in (or left) and all the imposters are captured (or escaped). The guests and imposters are randomized each time you play.


  • You can set any of the four security monitors to any camera you like, but it's probably easiest to leave the three overhead monitors where they are and switch between close-ups on the lower left one.
  • Using the right mouse button to zoom in on the security monitors makes it much easier to see what's going on, especially when there's a lot happening.
  • If you send a security guard out to catch a real guest by mistake, the guard will realise when they reach the guest and return to the guard house... 
  • ...but there's only four guards on site. If they're all busy then security will be unavailable until one of them returns. Use them wisely!
  • For your first couple of goes don't worry so much about trying to catch everyone, instead try to learn the layout of the hotel and get used to using the phone and security monitors.
  • Remember you only need to tell security which block an imposter is hiding in, not the actual room. If you watch someone as they leave reception you can usually see if they're heading to a wrong block and send security out before the person makes it to the room.
  • Security won't always go after the imposter you expect them to - if they detect someone closer they might go after them instead. Keep an eye on them!
  • If a real guest has already checked into their room and another guest turns up using the same name, the second guest is definitely an imposter. You don't have to wait until they go to the wrong room to call security, just nab them from reception.
  • On the other hand, if the first person to arrive using a certain name turns out to be an imposter, it doesn't mean the next person using the name is definitely a real guest - a guest can be impersonated by multiple imposters.
  • Once some guests have checked in, room service will occasionally go out to their rooms. You can ignore them - they just wander around getting in the way (for now).


V0.6: A bunch of quality-of-life additions to make it easier to keep track of everything. Added on-screen notifications for guests checking in successfully as well as imposters escaping. Also, the guest register screen now shows checked-in guests in green. Guests and imposters will now turn on the lights when they're in their room - so if you were busy at reception and lost track of an imposter, you can still figure out where they went. And scoring finally works! \o/

V0.5: Security guard behaviour re-done and much better, the softlock bug has been identified and fixed and you can now adjust the number of guests/imposters on the title screen. Also introduced a new non-critical bug where multiple guests fight over the same spot at reception - not fixed yet because it's quite funny.

V0.4: Nicer title screen and options for mouse sensitivity and volume in the menu (though for now they reset to their default values when you start a new game - should be fixed in the next version)

V0.3: Turns out the last version had a whopper of a bug with the guards - so big I had to fix it right away. Make sure you're updated to this latest version before you play (and sorry!).

V0.2: Fixed the UI bug and a bunch of other stuff. It's still very rough and prototype-y - among other weirdness there's a rare-ish bug where guests stop arriving mid-game, effectively softlocking it. If this happens you'll have to abandon that run and restart :(. Also scoring is still borked. New versions incoming soon!


Yes! It's a cut down and re-jigged version of a game design I had earlier this year. That idea also had security monitors and the general idea of trying to catch people out, but it was set in an office building and had a bunch of other stuff as well. I'll probably write a devlog about it at some point (it wasn't very good).


Shenanigans At Shady Berth Windows 0.6.zip 16 MB
Shenanigans At Shady Berth Linux 0.6.tar.bz2 17 MB
Shenanigans at Shady Berth Mac 0.6.zip 30 MB