A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"a visual novel titled ‘When Our Hearts Combine’" - Matt Cox, RockPaperShotgun

Made for #epistle3jam.


  • A 15 chapter story based on Marc Laidlaw's synopsis, featuring all your favourite characters and more.
  • Jokes! Also punchlines and general mirth.
  • Graphics sourced from the original games and pasted together in a hopefully fair use-y way.
  • But the music's original so hey just listen to that.
  • Achievements! 
  • Contains the line 'this resistance movement is a complete shazbutt.'

It will take around 60-90 minutes to play through. You can restart the game at any chapter point if you don't want to play it all in one go.

UPDATE: New versions are still incoming! It's like a CONSTRUCTION ZONE around here. If you're playing make sure you've got the latest version because it's much nicer than the old ones. Update history is here.


WhenOurHeartsCombine1.00.exe.zip 111 MB
WhenOurHeartsCombine1.00-mac.zip 124 MB
WhenOurHeartsCombine1.00.x64.tar.bz2 111 MB


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i'm surprised this didn't get more attention, this was fun as hell!