Harder You Fools

Keep an office building running by charging batteries with a bicycle charger.
A gonzo archery simulator in 500 characters.
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A short sleuth 'em up where you have to shoot the first person.
A cinematic sci-fi adventure for the Pico-8
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A short narrative game about two would-be revolutionaries trying to break into a bank vault.
Interactive Fiction
Sex and drugs and stock and poll.
Interactive Fiction
for all your ninja punching needs
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A compilation of game soundtracks.
The complete 1928 silent film 'Should Married Men Go Home' to watch on your Playdate.
The complete 1921 silent film 'The Haunted House' to watch on your Playdate.
A crank-controlled space of calming ambient sound and music.
A voice-controlled space of calming ambient sound and music.
Yet another zen simulation port.
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piico winter time visual
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What's in the box?
Visual Novel
A short narrative game about xenomorphs and friendship.
a pico-8 photo collection
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A PICO-8 photojournal
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A photozine
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A plump, chonky font for your pixel art projects.
A printable catalog showcasing our games
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